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Because of the search engine rank growing (over 1,000 unique vistitors) and the big amount of emails received daily, the BSC-Brazil Soccer Camp became in need of improving the number of soccer experts to its staff group.

Mostly of the requests BSC-Brazil Soccer Camp receives, are from parents (Dads and Moms soccers fans), wondering how their sons/daughters will get the best learning to improve soccer skills from The unique 5 Times World Soccer Champion (Brazil).

It is also, very much an inexpensive way than paying those annual fees to put a son/daughter in a soccer academy in the US for 2, 3, or 4 years. It is a big deal one or two months at the Oscar Bernardi Soccer Management Resort in Brazil, learning from the best soccer coaches in the world. They apply similar teachings like the ones used at the professional soccer clubs from Brazil.

Eventually, will happened, specially in Brazil, that soccer experts will be watching the participants during tryouts, camp activities, etc.

We have special cases like Gregory Garza. Gregory has been trained by our Director Coach (Teodoro Santana) since when he was only 8 years old. Gregory was taken to Brazil in order of being prepared and oriented by soccer experts (coaches and physical trainers). He was part of the United States U-15 Soccer Team and has been promoted to the U-17 recently stil at his 14 years old, besides being a great promisse to soccer.

Coach Teodoro has also trained two Dallas players that have gone on to professional carreers; Ramon Nunez - Dallas FC and Lee Nguyen - PSV Holland/MNT U-20. He is also currently training several younger boys that are involved in the ODP and MNT programs.

Brazil Soccer Camp

US Representative:
Mr. Walfrido Oliveira
Cell:(817) 501-6241
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